Rose Bertram Boobtastic Holding Her Own Behind the Scenes of SI Shoot

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bill-swift - March 31, 2017

Among the many benefits of the SI Swimsuit Season rampage is the reminder of so many ridiculously hot women that perhaps fly under the radar during the rest of the year. Models such as young Belgian sextastic siren Rose Bertram who if you don't dig out on Euro fashion magazines during the year, you probably mostly miss. But then, there she is in her curvaceous splendor holding her own fine funbags for the love of bikini modeling somewhere tropical.

As always, the shots from behind the scenes of the bikini shoots for SI remain far more titillating than the printed magazine photos. There's some mathematical law that explains this. Or maybe I'll invent one and finally get that Nobel prize I keep telling ladies at the bar I won exactly three years ago. So much blonde curly goodness, and then you start leering down the body. Wow. It's tingles in human alluring form. Sweet goodness. A rose by any other name would not cause as much blood flow to my nether regions. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit