Rosario Dawson Takes A Dip At Cannes

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bill-swift - May 21, 2014

The lovely Rosario Dawson took time out of promoting her latest movie to go swimming in the ocean in Cannes, France. She's there to promote her film The Captive. I'll tell you what I'm captivated by: her lovely lady melons. Though the swimsuit is a one piece, it does give you a nice look at her amazing cleavage. I've hearted her chest area since I saw it in the buff in that Alexander movie with Colin Farrell. In fact, that sex scene is pretty much the only reason to see that movie. I'm not sure if she gets in the buff in this latest flick, but a boy can dream. You can also see a little bit of her firm cheeks as she gets out of the water. Would that I were a drop of water that I might cling to that booty. That's poetry, y'all.

I went to Cannes once when a movie I did was in the festival. I didn't see anyone that looked like Rosario Dawson on the beach. Mostly it was old French ladies. Naked. Obviously, I need to get another movie in stat because the festival attendees have gotten hotter.

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