Ronda Rousey, Kara Del Toro, And All The Smoking Hotties At The Netflix Premiere of “Mile 22”

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rusty-mattis - August 15, 2018

There's a joke going around that says Netflix will green light anything. Doesn't matter the concept, the script, whether it's a movie or television show, they'll produce it. And sure, Netflix is making a lot of content right now, but if they keep bringing together people like Ronda Rousey and Kara Del Toro, then I hope they keep on greenlighting everything.

I have no idea what "Mile 22" is about, I would guess cars or something, but I could be completely wrong. If the movie has Ronda Rousey and Kara Del Toro in it, then I'm going to to be tuning in whenever it's ready to be streamed. Even if it's terrible, I'll be totally fine with that. The more chances we can have sexy red carpets like this, then I'll do my part. I'll watch a bad movie. I'll watch a bad movie a couple of times that means Lindsey Vonn is going to hit a red carpet wearing something super sexy. Really, it's the least we can do. Bad movies never hurt anybody and besides, you can always find something to love even in a terrible film. Spending two hours staring at Ronda Rousey is never a bad thing.

So, if Netflix wants to make "Mile 23" then go for it! Let's see how many super sexy red carpet events we can have! Let's see if we can overflow the red carpet with hotties!

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / MEGA