Romee Strijd And Paige Reifler Lingerie Hotties

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bill-swift - February 6, 2016

Dutch hottie Romee Strijd is joined in this V.S. pimping hot body effort by newcomer Paige Reifler who is young and sextastic and previously famous for boinking the kid from One Direction and now more rightfully so for her ridiculously hot body, as it ought be.

The two loveliest of young blondes take turns showing off bras and panties because it's nearly Valentine's Day and you're going to foolishly want to buy silky undergarments for your girl despite my years of advice to the contrary. Naturally, if you're dating Romee or Paige, those admonitions don't apply so fiercely. Albeit, working for Victoria's Secret it's probably not super special to get lingerie as a present. Consider binoculars, for yourself, you're going to want to scope these outstanding bodies as closely and finely as possible. I'm still working my way down Romee. Give me a few more hours before you knock please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret

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