ROFLMAO: If Humans Crossed Roads Like Animals, We’d All Be Dead (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - April 27, 2013

Before you rage about how animals should learn how to cross the road (can you see the missing logic in that scenario?), you should judge fellow homo sapiens. Earlier this week, I had to slam on the breaks because a dude couldn't make up his mind and kept moving forward and backward in his quest to reach the other side.

A lot of people are surprisingly like this. And you'd have to wonder: didn't their mommas teach them anything worthwhile, like how to cross the road? Because everyone wants to reach the other side.

Alena Naff teaches everyone who has a beef with animals crossing the road with this hilarious clip putting humans in their position. It's pretty funny but like the title says... if people did this on a regular basis, then we'd probably go extinct sooner than we think.

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