‘Rocky’ Spinoff ‘Creed’ to Begin Filming in January

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bill-swift - November 13, 2014

The world does not need another Rocky sequel, nor does it need a Rocky reboot. But how about a Rocky spinoff? Huh? Huh? A spinoff?

Okay, still no. But the world is getting a Rocky spinoff anyway. It's called Creed, and it stars Michael B. Jordan. He'll play the grandson of Apollo Creed, a precoscious youngster who, upon deciding to go into the family business, hires his long-dead grandpappy's rival-turned-BFF, Rocky Balboa, to be his coach.

Rumors of just such a Rocky spinoff have been floating around the interwebz for a couple of years now. However, THR is reporting this week that real-life boxers Tony Bellow and Andre Ward have been cast, and that filming is scheduled to begin in January. So now this thing is actually happening.

Is it going to be any good? Personally, I'd put the odds at about 10/1 against. On the one hand, the thing is being written and directed by Ryan Coogler, who wrote and directed the critically acclaimed Fruitvale Station—which also starred Michael B. Jordan.

On the other hand, Sylvester Stallone is involved, and pretty much everything that guy touches these days turns to lead and sinks to the bottom of the ocean. So only time will tell.

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