Rocky Barnes Plunging Red Top From Instagram

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aldo-vallon - December 12, 2017

 It would really help to dispel some confusion if a new term for plunging tops could be created. I have tried three times to order a plunger for my apartment and every time I get sent a new woman's top. It probably does not help matters that I have been drunk every time I tried ordering one. The only other option though is for me to try to do it sober, and if I do that then I might as well go to the store in person to get it because that is taking all the fun out of it. I do not shop drunk because I am a drunk; I do it because it helps to take the sting out of spending my money

If I drink enough then it also has the dual purpose of making me forget what I bought, that way I get a nice surprise a week later. I do not endorse this way of making purchases because with it comes the very real risk maxing out your credit card. I would not endorse going to the gun range drunk either, and there is a lot less damage that can be done from handling a firearm when under the influence than there is from online shopping.  

Photo Credit: Instagram / Twitter

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