Rockin’ Guitars: Strumming Angels, Fat Ladies, And Other Guitars That You Can Do–Er, Play

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bill-swift - January 31, 2013

There's no reason to dribble teardrops down your guitar--unless you're the recently-single (or perpetual heartbreaker) that is Taylor Swift. In her case, it's actually a good thing, since she gets a new song or two out of it in the process.

But there's another way to express how you really feel, and it's not sitting down and penning some sappy and whiny lyrics about how you're never, ever, ever going to get back together with your ex. Rather, it's by playing music that resonates with your soul and with the people around you.

If you're left wanting for an instrument, then the guitar is as good as any to get started.

It's not the hardest thing to learn, and if you're keen and determined, you can even teach yourself how to play on your own. Of course the first guitar you should get is a basic one so you can learn the ropes and see where it leads you. When you find that you're really good at it and might even join the big leagues, then it's time to get a guitar that's worthy of your talent.

Aside from expressing yourself through music, you can also express yourself through your instruments. That's what the guys who created this unusual but creative bunch of guitars did with their instruments, and they're better off (or maybe worse off, in some cases) because of it.

Check out the gallery for the full line-up of the awesomest (and weirdest) guitars ever made and played by mankind!

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