Robot Walks on a Tightrope–What’s Next? (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 23, 2012

Robots, robots everywhere. Robots cutting noodles in China and serving 'em up to waiting customers. Robots that play drums and actually come up with neat-sounding beats. Robots that might one day cut people up and operate on them, just because doctors are too lazy can't do it.

The robot we've got today doesn't do all of these, but it's a pretty balanced and well-rounded fellow. Enough with the puns because this here is a robot that can walk on a tightrope. And if it falls or somehow loses its balance, it's no big deal because no one dies and you can just rebuild it.

This robot was made for no other reason than to provide people on the Interwebs with a few minutes of amusement. It probably took Dr. Guero a longer time to make it, but hey, it's his time wasted for our viewing pleasure.

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