Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Working the Door

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Lex Jurgen - May 30, 2016

Nothing says pool party like a pre-diabetic unemployed scion and his pregnant stripper girlfriend. That's where you want to be spending your Memorial Day weekend.

The Tropicana Vegas can fall back on the excuse they booked this circus sideshow Booty and Clyde show before the hooker got the rich family oaf to put a baby in her. This is not her first child. Where's that baby again? 

Blac Chyna could've waited three more months before squirting the contents of Rob Kardashian's condom into her uteri. He might have reached his target weight. Nobody wins in this situation, save for the people paying twenty bucks to see Kardashian chug down his house comped drinks. Keep going. She's still pregnant. 

Photo Credit: Splash