Riverdale’s Betty and Veronica Insanely Sexy In Cosmo (VIDEO)

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earl-jonas - April 14, 2017

CW's hit series Riverdale features a slew of gorgeous girls, but stars Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes really take the cake. The show is inspired by the Archie gang, and fans of the original comic know that anyone playing Betty or Veronica should have their same ability to change boys into men. Thankfully, Reinhart fully embodies the innocent blonde babe, Betty, while Mendes' Veronica is every bit the sassy sexpot we remember. Well done, ladies. 

If you aren't familiar with the girls of Riverdale, this insanely sexy new photo shoot for Cosmopolitan should get you more than acquainted. 20-year-old Lili and 22-year-old Camila give us retro vibes as they take on a roller rink in outfits that perfectly show off their killer curves. Lili delivers legs up to here in pretty much every picture. The real magic happens when we almost get a peek of cheek thanks to a sprawled out pose over a skate rental counter. So close, yet so far.

We can't forget Camila, who is all about accentuating her lovely lady lumps in some revealing tops. The cuties look like they're having an absolute blast with each other, and all we can hope for now is that Betty and Veronica turn into more than just friends. Archie who? Lesbionic powers activate.

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan