Rita Rusic Bikini GILFtastic Shines Once More in Yellow in Miami

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bill-swift - April 25, 2014

Rita Rusic need not bother herself with the goings-on along the beach with the young girls competing for eyeballs in the long list of lovely ladies for hot bodied attention. She's merited the honor of being the hottie belle of the veteran bikini body ball, the 50-something sextastic mature bikini princess knowing what she's got and knowing it's more than enough for her young boy toys and the gentleman oglers such as myself who drop their Crackerjack boxes to run over and catch a glimpse of her still righteous curves.

With age comes wisdom. And if you're Rita Rusic, it also comes with some delightfully appealing soft and funtime sextastic curves that I'd like to massage in morning and make sore again in the evenings. Rita, call me. We can discuss my mommy issues more in depth. Enjoy.

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