Rita Ora Super Hot 2017 Calendar

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michael-garcia - September 13, 2016

Lovely Rita Ora is releasing a 2017 calendar that features all of her greatest assets. She does everything from bikini pics to covered topless. The running theme of the calendar seems to be her large, luscious ta-tas. Actually, that seems to be the running theme of her life. Not that I'm complaining, I'm all about it. Rita should be proud of those gargantuan funbags and putting them on a calendar is the next obvious step. Also shown quite a bit is that legendary booty she's got working back there. You see all kinds of cheek in these pics. I don't really use a wall calendar any more doing most of my scheduling on my phone. But I may have to make an exception and buy this calendar. My phone does not have Rita Ora barely covering her jubblies.

Although I suppose it could. That's the only problem with smartphones is that they aren't very sexy. Mostly they are used to play stupid games and check your twitter. Most definitely not sexy. 


Photo Credit: Rita Ora 2017 Calendar

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