Rita Ora Sports Bra Bike Ride In NYC

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michael-garcia - August 4, 2016

Singer, hottie, and provocateur Rita Ora was spotted riding a bike around New York City in a sports bra. There are these Citibike things here that you can rent by the hour to ride around the big bad city. Mostly it's not people that look like Rita riding around in just a sports bra. If only. Rita has a ridiculous pair of yum yums that, (lucky for us), she likes to show off a lot. If you've got it, flaunt it as they say. Rita's booty also looked incredible in a pair of tight workout pants. There is nothing like the pumping motion of a woman on a bike to make that booty look fine. No one can resist a butt like that. Or if you can you are a stronger man than I.

They should give hotties free rental on Citibikes to encourage them to pedal around in skimpy outfits in the summer time. It would increase tourism gauranteed. 


Photo Credit: Splash