Rita Ora Bikini Body Hotness

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bill-swift - June 7, 2017

Surely, there can never be enough bikini lines in this world. Not so long as they ante up the dollar for the prime pieces of sextastic pimping celebrities to model their two piece wares. That's my only standard. Surely the world doesn't need four thousand different bikini lines. But if four thousand hot women step in front of that sales and marketing lens to promote with their hot bodies on display. glut that market, baby.

Rita Ora has a deal to raise the retail stature of Tezenis beachwear. How else to do that but feature Rita in all of her fine female form goodness in some sample bikinis. Her exotic looks play perfectly to the idea of summer strange and memorably mammarial romances. Who wouldn't kill to be on a bikini vacation with Rita? That's rhetorical. I'd assassinate any one of you as needed. No offense. It's just business. The business of being close to this stellar hot woman in and out of her bikinis. Leave heaven to judge me. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Tezenis Beachwear