Rita Ora Righteous Lady Curves in Bright Colors

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bill-swift - December 11, 2017

Rita Ora wore something tight and colorful to her AOL event appearance in New York City, because why have one epically alluring lady body if you're not going to wear something tight and colorful out in public? Rhetorical. One hundred squats a day aren't for shits and giggles.

Rita is known more these days for her love life and the smoking sextastic body that comes with than she is her singing. She's still a singer, as self-described, but the less she croons and the more she moons, the more her popularity rises. Not that that should kill your love for art, but if people would rather see you baring skin than your paintings, give up painting. There's gold in them darn funbags.

Rita has transformed herself in the course of the past several years from slightly chubby pop singer to devilishly hot lingerie pimper and wooer of ogling gentleman's eyeballs. It's not a huge transition, but a key move that ensures she will be lusted by millions for many years to come. Cha-ching and thank you. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Pacific Coast News

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