Rita Ora Getting The Last She Can Out Of Summer In Banging Bikini

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aldo-vallon - September 21, 2018

Does Rita Ora have the ability to control the size of her boobs to whatever suits her needs? I swear, it looks like her cup size fluctuates more than the bank statements of my checking account. That is not to say that they ever appear tiny, but sometimes they look to be of only average size, and then at other times they look to be of hall of fame caliber. I do not know if any such hall of fame exists, but given all the other ones that do, I would not be terribly surprised.

How many other women have the reality of their boobs hidden from the public eye? They could be using ill-fitting bras and over-sized shirts to continue to live as incognito as my browser history. To be honest, I am a little hurt by the deceit. For them to assume that their lives might change for the worse should be taken by all of us as a great insult. We are not all that shallow or aggressive. I would like to think that the majority of us would simply resort back to our more primal sides and worship them as goddesses.



Photo Credit: Instagram