Rita Ora Cleavage in L.A.

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rusty-mattis - August 10, 2017

I love seeing a pretty lady walking down the street in something low cut. As my Grandma would always say; "If you got'em, flaunt'em." And she was so wise. If you have some fine looking breasts, they made some fine looking cleavage, and you should be proud. Rita Ora must be very, very proud of her cleavage. I'm pretty sure Grandma would be proud of Rita Ora, she has no problem flaunting her cleavage. I guess in her case it's not really flaunting. There ain't much Rita Ora can do to hide her boobs, they're kind of big. She would have to walk around wrapping a big old blanket for something to keep those bad boys undercover. But why on earth would Rita Ora want to hide her cleavage? That's something that doesn't make a lick of sense to me. Why people who are as hot as Rita Ora would want to not show off their sexiness is something I'll never understand. If you're hot, be hot. Make all the Grandma's of the world proud.

Photo Credit: Backgrid