‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ Goes Full Retro For PS4 Anniversary Release

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chris-littlechild - October 13, 2016

  If you’ve been getting your game on for some time now, a little nostalgia is inevitable. You’ll find yourself with a lifelong boner for your first console, first games, first memories of whupping your buddy’s ass at Street Fighter II after school… it’s different for everyone.  

For me, my favorite console of all time is the Genesis. The second version of it, not the original model. That looked like shit. Those were the days when cutesy Disney games were hard as hell (damn you, The Lion King, crushing the dreams of an innocent little urchin like me), when Jurassic Park games involved you blasting raptors with flamethrowers and electric guns, and when Sonic still had some respectability.

I’m the kind of authentic retro head who will only play on the ol’ consoles themselves. Behind my TV, there’s a terrifying fire hazard of a wire tangle, powering everything from the Dreamcast to the N64, and it all started with the PS1.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Tomb Raider series, which makes me feel old as hell. The good news is, to celebrate, the team have put together a tribute to the franchise that tickles my nostalgia gland in all the right ways. Check this out:

PlayStation UK Tweeted this shot of the freshly-released Rise of the Tomb Raider anniversary edition. The game’s finally made it to Sony systems, and they’ve done it up in one-of-a-kind PS1 packaging. It’s not for sale like this, but I totally want it. If only to relive Ye Olde days of manuals.

Via Polygon.


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