Rihanna Tears Up Miami With a Concert Crotch Grab and a Body Baring Party Dress

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bill-swift - April 23, 2013

You know who's not a shy person? Rihanna. Yep, doesn't take much to get her out of her shell. While most pop divas and performers seem to fake their exhibitionism and publicly sextastic personas, Rihanna seems to really dig hers. She seems like one outgoing horny devil. Not that I'd sit through 90 minutes of her tunage just to see her grab her crotch because it feels good. But I'll certainly eye the pictures.

As I did of Rihanna this same weekend in Miami, hitting the party circuit in a hot body revealing dress. Rihanna owns the eyeballs. She knows it. She loves it. She probably runs the bathtub spigot thinking about it. That's pretty damn hot. Enjoy.