Rihanna Takes on Nicole Scherzinger in Battle of the Hottest Flashed Nighttime Legs

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bill-swift - October 16, 2012

May the Endless Summer of Legs never truly end; I suppose that's why we do call it the Endless Summer. And it was in full force over the weekend, the evenings, as Rihanna floated out of Las Palmas nightclub in a pair of short shorts that flashed her incredibly toned gams and, across the pond, the super sextastic Nicole Scherzingerwas exiting her duties on X-Factor in a slit-zipper dress flashing not one, but two sweet dancer legs that raised the temps in the cool London evening.

How much do we love legs? Well, we are not about to rank body parts, but let's just say we think they are the most underrated of appendages. Enjoy.