Rihanna Sports Bra Leaving Her Apartment

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michael-garcia - August 27, 2016

Oh, Rihanna. You incorrigible scamp. Bras are meant to be worn under clothes not as going out attire. But I admire Ri-Ri for saying, to hell with it, I'm going to go out on the town in just a bra. Who am I to tell her that she needs to cover up? We live in America and if a woman, especially a really really hot one, wants to go around in just a bra, then she should have the right to do so. I turn very libertarian when it comes to a woman's right to show some skin. Rihanna has a lovely pair of perkies that we've seen many times before, and yet I just want to see more of them. Now if only she had worn only a pair of panties on the bottom to show off that booty, that would have been perfect. 

Rihanna always looks good though. She could wear a trash bag and make it look hot. It's all about the attitude you wear it. It also helps if you have an outstanding body. 


Photo Credit: Splash

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