Rihanna Lets Her Soul Glo, Feeling Oh So Silky Smooth!

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brian-mcgee - October 23, 2017

Rihanna's a bit of an enigma. Some days she's nowhere to be found and then other days, she's out rocking a jheri curl and a bra like she stumbled out of a Rick James concert in 1980. Apparently she was trying to make a low key arrival at a recording studio in New York City, but when you're wearing a bra, a satin bomber jacket, and Eriq La Salle's wig from Coming to America, it's virtually impossible to be inconspicuous. 

Maybe she's doing a tribute to the late, great Rick James on her new album and she was channeling his look, or maybe this is really cool and hip and I'm an old fogey that doesn't understand what's cool and what's not cool. That's why I hung onto my black jeans and Members Only jacket, because I'm just waiting for the day when they're cool again. 

Anyway, Rihanna needs to let her soul glo more often. She needs to let her hair drip with jheri curl juice and feel the power as the wind blows through it, spraying the residue all over innocent bystanders. When in New York, do as New Yorkers would do.

Photo Credit: Backgrid