Rihanna Scintillating in Sizzling Motion (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 29, 2016


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As I'm running through my mind of prurient thoughts recalling some of my own Hottest of the Hot, it's so entirely easy to overlook so many. I surely didn't want to miss Rihanna. She's not everybody's cup of tea, but I respect a woman who's made an entire entertainment career of of sizzling looks and and even finer body.

No, she can't sing. Who cares? She even before Miley Cyrus was raising the bar on the skin to win philosophy now fairly universal in the pop music community. Pop music girls were also cute and bubbly and occasionally sexy. They never showed so much raw sexuality and bare skin until the likes of Rihanna changed the market and made that so. I'd allow her to take me on a Caribbean vacation with nothing but cocktails and condoms by way of supplies. I'm that generous. Rihanna's that alluring. Enjoy.

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