Rihanna Raunchy Hot Performance in Manchester

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michael-garcia - July 7, 2016

Everyone's favorite sexytime song performer Rihanna gave a particularly sultry performance in Manchester. She was wearing, as is her want, a sheer see-through dress in which you could clearly see her underwear. I mean, what underwear she had on, which wasn't much. Her thong allowed the audience to forget about that whole Brexit thing by looking at that famous Rihanna booty. She's got a nice rack, don't get me wrong, but Rihanna's booty is by far my favorite part of her anatomy. It helps that she really knows how to shake it. She was twerking before twerking was a thing. In my day they just simply called that booty dancing. Why we gots to put labels on everything?

I think I'm going to have to buy a ticket whenever she comes through town again. I'll splurge and get some front row tickets so I can really behold the wonders of that West Indian butt. 


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