Rihanna Nearly Slips Lip on Stage in Poland

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bill-swift - July 10, 2013

Thanks to the million and one of you who let us know about the Polish magazine running photos of blurred out Rihanna lower body wardrobe malfunction. However, having found the originals for you, as we are want to do, the Polish magazine was probably being a bit overcautious in their blurring. It's close, but nowhere for Clinton to put his cigar as they say.

Rihanna nearly did flash her lady nest at an airfield show in Poland. And who hasn't been commando at an airfield in Poland before, right? I'd say we're a mere half-inches away from seeing her Bajan treasure, but it's only close. Still, big points I suppose to Rihanna, one of the clearly most bold about flashing her body parts in our sextastic land. She keeps on giving, not always all, but always a little something something. Enjoy.

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