Rihanna Goes Sheer Bra Top For Dinner Out; I Could Totally See the Two of Us At The Sizzler

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bill-swift - May 19, 2012

Perhaps I'm a bit jealous because most of my recent dinner dates have still been wearing their prison jumpsuits when I take them out to whichever discount food chain is offering the best Early Bird dinner special on that particular late afternoon. But I sure would like a dinner companion with the body of Rihanna, and the good sense to show it off.

Hitting her favorite Italian restaurant in L.A. last night, the Bajan diva saw fit to slip into something a little more comfortable, and a little less covering, in a boobtastic flattering sheer bra top and a similarly 'hey, look, it's mostly see-through' skirt that left little to the imagination. Though, oddly, all I've been doing is imagining things since first seeing, so maybe I got that whole expression wrong.

Oh, Rihanna, you're anti-body-shyness campaign is working ever so well. Enjoy.