Rihanna Ever So Sextastic Behind the Scenes of Her GQ Photoshoot

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bill-swift - December 7, 2011

With voting still ongoing in the Egotastic! Hotness Awards, we can't tell you who is in the lead for 'Hottest Diva of the Year' in our awards, but we can sneak that Rihanna is definitely up there in the voting. And if you ogle these ridiculously hot stills of Rihanna behind the scenes of her currently out GQ photoshoot, you might just want to cast a vote in her direction. The underboob views alone ought draw the online, if not reflexively anatomical, votes of all man-kind.

It's been a pretty amazing run of sweet sultry and exotic reveals from Rihanna in 2011. We can only hope that the coming year brings even more. Enjoy.