Rihanna Continues Hot Bikini Vacation

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michael-garcia - June 7, 2016

There are two things you can count on Rihanna for: sons where she sings about sex and her wearing a bikini. She is from the Caribbean, after all. Being in a bikini in the ocean with some alcohol is in her blood. We see Rihanna in various states of undress often and yet we never grow tired of it. I have never found myself saying, "Oh geez, Rihanna in a bikini again". That's never happened. That's because her body is out of control. She's got a pair of knockers that bring a tear of joy to my eye they are so nice. Hell, even when she isn't wearing a bikini she's usually got on a see-through shirt and no bra. But let's not forget her highly twerkable butt. It's nice and round and you just kind of want to take a bite.

But you don't because that's how people end up getting arrested.  

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