Rihanna Chesty Peeks On Vacation In The Caribbean

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bill-swift - August 5, 2015

Rihanna travelled back to her native Barbados to participate in the classic carnival tradition. As someone who comes from a carnival culture I can say that it is mainly an excuse to dress in your underwear and drink a lot in public. Rihanna took this theme to heart when she donned a classic carnival outfit with the feathers and everything. And by everything I mean that her chest and booty were on full display. Rihanna has got a rocking body but her ta-tas are something special. I've been a fan of them since before I knew who the hell she was in the classic film Bring It On: all Or Nothing. She played herself and I remember thinking that she had a pair of funbags I would very much like to get to know. 

But let's not forget dat booty. She's wearing a glittery thong that gives us a peek at her entire lovely cheeks. Viva Carnival!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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