Rihanna Bikini Pictures for The Killer Hot Bajan Body

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bill-swift - November 8, 2013

Once more, we have to give it up for Rihanna. Love her or love her less, she puts on one heck of a show both during her professional stage time and in her down time, when she prefers to wear very little at all. Especially when back home in Barbados, the diva likes to get into as little as possible, or sometimes less, to flash her Mother Nature gifted tight beach body.

In this case, in a skimpy bikini, posing and preening and stretching and reaching for the imaginary stars to provide an excellent 360-degree view of a ridiculously hot booty and body that makes her singing talents seems not worth debating in the least.

Rihanna, you do at least one thing very very well. For that, we carefully stand and applaud. Keep the hot shots coming. Enjoy.