‘Resident Evil’ Remade –Yet Again– For Next-Gen Zombietastic Good Times

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chris-littlechild - August 7, 2014

Resident Evil aficionados often bitch that Capcom really need to release another great entry in the series. The fifth and sixth games were competent enough, in a bullet-flailin' sort of way, but were horribly lacking in that classic Evil atmosphere.

Capcom, though, are the masters of the rehash. The remake. The reboot. Any damn thing with a re in it. Street Fighter is notorious for this, with its Super Mega Ultra Badass I-Kick-Your-Face editions (another of which is on the way later this month). Resident Evil gets the same treatment.

After all, why bother unleashing a great new entry in the series, when you can keep busting out the same two over and over and freaking over? The much ballyhooed Resident Evil 4 has hit every device capable of running it, presumably including some more fancy-ass brands of Japanese toaster. Now it's on its way to Xbox One and PS4, apparently.

As is the original game, Kotaku announced yesterday. Feast your eyes on none other than a remaster of a remake, on its way to next and current (that is, previous)-gen consoles in ‘early 2015.'

Via Kotaku.

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