‘Resident Evil HD Remake’ Dated, Priced and Trailer-ed… Again

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chris-littlechild - December 6, 2014

Capcom know when they've got something freaking awesome on their hands. And they know what to do with it too: pimp it out for our cashtacular, ‘til our cashtacular can be pimped no more.

If you piled up every Super, Ultra and Ultimate edition of the Street Fighter series, they'd certainly... well, pose a threat to low-flying aircraft. But what about one of the greatest things the company ever produced, 1996‘s Resident Evil? You'd better believe that's been re-released, re-imagined and ported to oblivion and back.

It went portable with the DS's Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (complete with piss-takey ‘Master of Knifing' minigame; that was great stuff right there). It brought the poor camp little purple GameCube to breaking point with the visually sextastic REmake. Now it's hitting our spangly new next-gen consoles, giving no effs that it's coming up for twenty years old.

Today, Destructoid reported that the HD remaster will hit PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on January 20, for the bargain-tastic price of $19.99. To get our asses in the mood for some Evil, they also brought us the below teaser. Fans of that mothereffin' door opening animation will love it.

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