Renee Olstead Sextastic Cleavetastic Making a Stellar Comeback in Buzznet Photoshoot

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bill-swift - April 21, 2012

Are we really featuring the ginger-turned blonde hottie young actress Renee Olstead two days in a row on Egotastic? Hellz yeah, because yesterday was just the visual appetizer to the meat and twin potato goodness offered up by Renee today in her very latest photoshoot for Buzznet.

Holy cleavetastic, Ogle-man! There's so much to appreciate about Renee, her true talents on stage, her vocal abilities and all of that stuff girls want guys to care about like personality, smarts, charm, passion, concerns, and not leaving socks on the floor, but days like today it's hard to move past the pure visual delights of the stunning Renee looking all kinds of hot. Enjoy.

Click here for the full set of Renee Olstead photos from her Buzznet photoshoot.