Have You Seen (And Heard) Renee Olstead Lately?

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bill-swift - October 15, 2010

Jealous much? Egotastic! spent the evening witnessing the dulcet tones and super ginger hotness of Renee Olstead doing her one woman songstress show this past weekend. (Okay, it's not really a one-woman show, but one-woman is all we looked at ourselves). I must admit, when I hear about an evening of 'singing the classics', I'm thinking a little early years AC/DC, maybe some original Sabbath, so Renee's jazzy/blues songbird music is not exactly on my iPod, but those sexy red locks on top of that amazing body, and a sultry voice that sounds well beyond her years -- Renee Olstead could sing the fine print on a parking ticket and I'd melt. If you haven't seen Renee Olstead lately, you really must. It's an ogle delight for eyes and ears. Enjoy.