Remade ‘Resident Evil’ to Feature Non-Craptacular Voice Acting, Plus a Sequel to ‘Revelations’

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chris-littlechild - September 2, 2014

No effing way.

You do remember Resident Evil, don't you? With its Jill Sandwiches and masters of unlocking, and its it was a huge snake, and also... poisonous! Shit-tastic voice acting gave the original its campy B-movie appeal, and has been a source of pisstakery for almost twenty years.

The Gamecube remake fixed the woeful wordplay, and now the remade remake, or remakeception if you will, is... y'know, fixing it more. Or something.

As Destructoid reported this morning, Capcom have stated ahead of the Tokyo Game Show that ‘...the REmake remake will feature new, "professional" voice acting.' Just what this might mean, we can't imagine. Perhaps Alan Rickman will be drafted in to spout Wesker's lines, in that melodramatic slow voice of badassery he has? It worked with our ol' buddy Hans Gruber in Die Hard, after all.

Elsewhere in the Evilsphere, a follow-up to Resident Evil Revelations (‘the one that doesn't suck ass like 5 and 6') was confirmed. Presumable platforms will be PS3/360 and Xbox One/PS4, but we don't yet know. For an enigmatic concept teaser which shows us absolutely eff all, take a look below.

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