Reggie Evans Prepares for Post-Basketball Acting Career With Flop (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - April 24, 2012

Reggie Evans of the Los Angeles Clippers is certainly playing basketball in the right city, because from the looks of the video, he wouldn't mind being an actor once he's done on the hardwood.

Evans set a backscreen on New Orleans' Greivis Vasquez, who didn't like it and turned around to give Evans a forearm to the chest. Vasquez pulled back in mid-bash, but Evans flew back like a guy in an action movie who just took sniper fire. The flop was convincing enough at first that the refs gave Vasquez a flagrant two foul.

But upon further review, the refs realized they'd been duped by Evans, and changed the call to just a plain old regular foul. The play took place in the same building where earlier Ron Artest nearly decapitated James Harden, so maybe Evans was inspired.

Article by Eric Gray