Reese Witherspoon Spandex Yoga In LA

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bill-swift - February 23, 2016

Oh, Reese, how you move me in your Spandex. The most wonderful thing about sextastic celebrities of the Brentwood variety is how they choose to attend yoga and Pilates and spin classes in the neighborhood even though they could easily afford private in-mansion training. You have to believe when you put on skin tight workout gear, part of the fun is being seen. As we did spy Reese Witherspoon with our little prurient eye in her workout stretch pants.

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Oh, sure, 2016 might be the era when every lovely lady is in stretch pants out and about proving that women's rights have come a long way, and that way just happened to be booty highlighting leggings in public. But it's still a super special treat when one of our belusted blonde thespianics shows off her toe to heel in Spandex, reminding us that the very best sights in this world are often the woman in front of you in yoga class, if you can stand the smell of the room, it's something to put on your bucket list. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet