Reese Witherspoon Jogging In Shorts

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michael-garcia - August 15, 2016

The star of countless rom-coms your girlfriend dragged you to and all around hottie, Reese Witherspoon, was spotted out and about in a pair of short shorts while jogging. While it is important if you are a Hollywood star to stay in good shape, it's also important to do so with as little clothing as possible. Unfortunately, we don't get to see Reese's ample melons in these pics. I've been a fan of those ever since I saw their cleft for the first time back in the Cruel Intentions days. Remember that movie? It was all about trying to bed her when she was younger. What we do have is leg and lots of it. Resse is inreally good shape and her legs are nice and toned. I guess all of that running is paying off.

I actually don't mind being forced to watch her movies. She's easy on the eyes and her movies tend not to be too bad. Except for Legally Blonde 2. That was some garbage. 



Photo Credit: FameFlynet