Red Robin Disses Vegetarians Because Why Not?

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bill-swift - June 19, 2013

Red Robin is in deep trouble with vegetarians after one of their ads made fun of them. In the commercial, the spokeswoman says that, "We even have a garden burger just in case your teenage daughter is going through a phase." The veggie crowd raised their weak anemic arms in protest that Red Robin is dismissing their weird lifestyle choice as something little girls do to piss off their carnivorous parents. The crappy burger restaurant's goal was to say that they have options for everyone including people who hate themselves and eat veggie burgers. Can you blame them? They are a burger place, after all.

Putting a veggie burger on the menu at a place that features hamburgers is at best a half-hearted gesture. It's like the chicken option at a fish restaurant. It's there for people who don't like fish and yet are inexplicably at a seafood restaurant. Just go to Hippie Dan's House of Tofu and shut the hell up.

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