Reality TV Star Frenchy Morgan Appears In A Pink, Frilly Burlesque Show

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aldo-vallon - May 30, 2018

Is the corset ever going to fall out of style in the realm of sexual fetishism? It seems likely that it will be around forever. I mean, already it has been around for at least a few hundred years and it is still going strong. And since it does not seem likely that men will suddenly lose interest in women with huge boobs and small waists I doubt they will be leaving our culture any time soon.

Who I really feel for are those people in remote primitive villages who have yet to see the beauty that is the corset. And since the only people going to make contact with these groups are missionaries and the Discovery Channel it seems unlikely that they are going to share this sort of knowledge with them. Although those same people do live in a culture where women have their boobs hanging out all the time, so who is really missing out?

What is odd is that there was a time when men were also expected to wear corsets. Fortunately that time was short and we evolved as a society beyond those barbaric expectations. Is that a double standard? Yes, but it is for the best.


Photo Credit:Backgrid USA