Real-Life Anime Girl Makes My Parents A Little Less Disappointed In Me As a Child

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bill-swift - October 3, 2012

Anastasiya Spagina is like your average 19-year old Ukranian teenager. Except that she weighs 85 pounds and spends hours doing makeup in order to turn herself into a real-life anime character. In the above video you can see how Spagina manages to turn herself into a doe-eyed Japanese animation. What's even more crazy is that Spagina is actually considering surgery in order to further her look into the animated world.

The teenager has over 10,000 fans on facebook (I'd imagine most are Korean teenage boys who share a room with a sibling and don't have any privacy) and garners hundreds of thousand of hits on her videos. But while Spagina is only considering surgery to alter her appearance and continue her reign as the world's sexiest walking animation cell, many others have gone to much further extremes.

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