‘Ready Player One’ Posters Honor the 80s Best, Batman Shows Up in New TV Spot (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - March 8, 2018

While I'm still not crazy about the overall look and design aesthetics of Steven Spielberg's upcoming adaptation of Ready Player One, I have to admit that seeing Batman in this new trailer gave me quite the nerd boner. There are strong rumors that the film will make its world debut at this year's SXSW starting in Austin this weekend, meaning that we'll soon hear the first reactions to the film, which I'm very curious to read through.

So yeah, there's not much new stuff in the TV spot above, but that shot of climbing Mount Everest with Batman was enough to sell me on seeing this in theaters. Not that I wasn't going to or anything, but now I feel justified in spending my money. I mean, hell, I can read the book again and be totally satisfied with that, so there's gotta be some reason to go see this in theaters. Oh yeah, Ben Mendelsohn, I forgot all about him playing the villain. That's worth seeing, for sure.

Check out the pop-culture inspired posters below, via Comic Book Movie...