Randy Moss has a New Home — in San Francisco

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bill-swift - March 13, 2012

When the news broke that the bad boy of wide receiving Randy Moss was coming out of retirement the news was met with a little skepticism. Could he still play? Did he still have his wheels? Was he going to be a pain in the rump? A media clown?

All those questions still remain to be seen, but the man who will go down in history as one of the greatest wide receivers to play the game has found someone willing to give him a chance to show he still has it.

After a brief workout where head coach Jim Harbaugh (a former NFL quarterback himself) threw Randy a few passes, the San Francisco 49ers decided they saw enough and offered Moss a contract (Terrell Owens must be fuming!).

This gives the 49ers a proven product at wide out (close to 15,000 career yards in 13 seasons and 153 TDs), but until the man suits up and plays again we will not know what he can actually do. His last season in the NFL was pretty pathetic; it remains to be seen if he still has it. However, considering the lack of talent that the 49ers have at wide out Moss is worth the gamble.

The trick will be how much they try to use him. San Francisco relied on defense and running the ball last year; whether that is because of Alex Smith being incapable of making the plays or the fact that he is still learning a new offense the 49ers still have to find out.

But if they were to bring in Peyton Manning...

Article by Travis Pulver