Rajon Rondo Talks About His GQ Internship and He’s Pretty Damn Funny (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - September 15, 2012

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo made news when it was revealed that he was interning at GQ during New York Fashion Week. Now Rondo is speaking about his time with the fashion mag in a new video put out by GQ.

It's actually pretty surprising to see Rondo in this light. A lot of times during his press conferences he comes across pretty monotone and seems like a rather serious guy. Turns out he can be pretty funny when he wants to.

I'd say that if he has aspirations to be in front of the camera outside of basketball and maybe do some acting, like a lot of NBA guys seem to, he probably wouldn't have too hard of a time with it.

video via GQ

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