Rachel Uchitel Cameltoe and Butt-Cleft Pictures Stole Tiger Woods’ Soul

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bill-swift - September 15, 2010

I sort of promised myself I was never going to post any Tiger Woods mistress photos. Kind of tough given that the Tiger Woods mistress count was well over one-hundred demure ladies at last count. Still, Rachel Uchitel pretty much broke out of the pack given her 'first other girl' status, plus the fact that she's able to well-up such real looking tears while cashing her mega-million hush-money checks, and, yeah, she's got a pretty hard body. These Rachel Uchitel cameltoe pictures, with bonus butt-toe a.k.a butt-cleft a.k.a. ham slice pictures gives at least a glimpse into the lady parts that caused the world's greatest golfer to exchange low scores for cheap scores. I still can't understand why men cheat on their hot Swedish model wives costing them $200 million. Enjoy.