Rachel Mortenson Wet Tank Top

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bill-swift - May 30, 2016

Hottie swimsuit model Rachel Mortenson and her wet tank tops make working on holidays just a little less harsh. The Arizona native brings so much to the table when it's time to leer and visually dine, including her sweet funbags quite nicely visible through her wet tops in this glorious Tyler Kandel photoshoot of the blonde bombshell American style.

Rachel has that kind of body where your eyes start popping out of your head like Bluto because that's just how men respond to ridiculously hot women in tiny almost not there swimsuits. I'm quickly becoming jealous of Rachel's hands that the photographer keeps instructing to grab her luscious mams. Oh what a horrible job that must be. Rachel, if a man could lust a woman any more than I'm feeling for you right this moment, legally at least, I would be willing to lern how. You're fine female wet form is so baby bear. Just right. Time for my porridge and a nap. Join me, Rachel? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Tyler Kandel