Rachel McCord Spandex Tight Body Workout on the Beach

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bill-swift - June 14, 2016

Sometimes I like to imagine I'm the workout partner of Rachel McCord. Not so much working out with her, as holding her towel, her water, making sure her stretch pants are completely smoothed out on her tiny little tight behind and that her bra tops are without wrinkles. That latter job really does need to be done by tongue. I can't explain why. Ancient Chinese secret.

Rachel was out on the beach in Santa Monica over the weekend stretching and preening for the benefit of her own body as well as the gentleman oglers who long ago figured out that you could do worse than staring out toward the ocean and seeing what girls pass before your lenses. The tall and slender McCord sister, like her siblings, loves to show as much skin as allowed by natural law. Sadly, civil law calls for somewhat less. Rachel, let us alit to my private island where such legalities are negligible at best. Not an island so much as my place. I'll turn on the sound of waves, you'll hardly know we're downtown. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash