Rachel McCord Partying In A Sextastic Little Swimsuit

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aldo-vallon - January 23, 2018

  Crime in this country is out of control. What kind of society are we living in where the belly of a woman’s swimsuit is not even safe from being stolen?  It truly is a sad state of affairs.

There are certain things that you can own and expect them to be magnets for theft. For example, if I had a Honda I would accept that every morning it was possible for it to be up on blocks, missing its wheels. If I wore an expensive watch I would know that it greatly increased my likelihood of being mugged. I anticipate these things to happen because it goes with the territory.

What does not go with the territory is buying the perfect one piece swimsuit only to have some rapscallion come along and, quite literally, deface it. If that woman wanted a two piece then that is what she would have worn! I am sure she has a closet full of bikinis, she does not need help adding to her collection. The ruffian responsible for vandalizing her property might as well have tagged her stomach with spray paint while he was at it.   




Photo Credit: Splash News

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