Rachel McCord One Slender Hotness Like She Means It

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bill-swift - June 15, 2017

Rachel McCord has a way of making a one-piece swimsuit look more like a piece of lingerie, which is both a trick and a treat for the rest of us. The younger McCord sister continues to pimp body and soul and overpriced bottled water for the love of money and exhibitionist slender body hotness. The wise ogler knows that water is as free as the peeks, though you have to pay through the nose if you ever want to consume.

Rachel's the most hustling remainder of the McCords, wherein we are still waiting for her nude scenes ala her older sisters. AnnaLynne's baring moments were brief, but special. Rachel, it's time to step up with that sextastic slender female form and bare the finer aspects of your wares. A one piece becomes a no-piece with the greatest of ease. All you have to do is not get dressed. So simple. So giving. So... I can't wait.

C'mon fake water people, throw in some incentive for topless Rachel. The world is thirsty. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News